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Mar 23

Hey 😊 thank you for adding me.. xx

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  • Myself and my 2 daughters went to St. George’s hall on the 18th of this month. We all did the ouija board (I and my eldest have done it before on previous events). My uncle always comes thru which I love because I was so close to him he was more like a dad than an uncle. But that night another spirit came thru calling himself Owen. I don’t know anyone called own who is passed ! Apparently he took a liking to me and said he was going to do something to me later. Went all night with nothing else happening got home later that night. Went to bed about 7:30 am I felt something squeeze my arm i was asleep I thought it was one of my kids waking me up thinking I was late for work I jumped up and no one was in my bedroom. Now little weird things have started to happen. Living room door squeaking open slightly it’s never done that seeing things out the corner of my eye I also have a chandelier in my living room with little crystal drops and every morning I come down to them all turn over and the light on. Now I know every time we go on these events they say nothing can attach to you or follow you but I’m a bit spooked to be honest. Now saying that I know my uncle was a bit of a wind up merchant ! And I know it could well be him but it’s just weird after this Owen came thru. That night at St. George’s the spirits on the ouija picked me and my daughter to go and sit in a room on our own needles to say she refused point blank but it has all got me thinking anyone got any ideas or this happened to anyone else ???
  • Just a quick query...are MHE going to be going to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham anytime soon???
  • Im due to attend HMP Shrewsbury this weekend which Im so excited about .. however, I have had no email etc regarding paying the balance .. can anyone advise?? Please and Thanks in Advance