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2nd Lockdown Announcement

Most Haunted Experience Announcement.

Hello everyone.

After the Government Announcement yesterday.

I'm sure you are all aware of the 2nd lockdown that is starting on Thursday until the 2nd December 2020.

2nd Lockdown period at the moment -

5th Nov 2020 to 2nd Dec 2020

All events between this period will be postponed to 2021 dates if voting on Wednesday in Parliament goes with a 2nd lockdown which I'm sure it will.

Events outside of the above period will be assessed throughout November.

If you are booked on to events inside this period then please look out for an email from Most Haunted Experience offering you new dates for next year.

You will not need to contact our admin via email or post onto our Facebook pages etc.

We will contact you.

Please bare with us at this busy time.

Many thanks for your continued support and love throughout this pandemic.

We will get back to some sort of normality sometime soon.

In the mean time stay safe and please keep updated on our Website Blog...

Lots of love..xxxx

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