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Beaumanor Hall - 3rd May 2024

This weekend I visited Beaumanor Hall near Loughborough.  It was quite a drive for me, having come from Somerset, but it was worth it. As you drive up to the front of this imposing building you can't help but be impressed with it's architecture and grandeur. As you enter through the huge wooden front doors the magnificence continues with a fantastically grand staircase. I was already impressed and the evening was yet to start.

As is usual with our ghost hunts, the guests were split into 2 teams who each went off to different areas. We started in the cellars. These are like a maze of corridors and rooms, many of which look the same as another, where you can easily lose your bearings and end up going round in circles.

Standing as a group we began to call out which was met by noises down the corridor and even a grunt. Our KII teddy lit up like a beacon. We tried using a ouija board to communicate with the other side, but this only produced limited information. Taking the board off the table we decided to use the table for table tipping which gave better results. The table rocked back and forth to it's own rhythm whilst guests only placed one finger on it's top.

As we moved to the "air raid shelter" part of the cellars we were joined by Karl, Stuart and Jenny.  We stood in a group at the bottom of the stairs and witnessed the sound of footsteps walking up the steps, getting quieter as they reached further up.

After a well earned break we returned to the ghost hunting,  but this time upstairs in the King Richard room and attics. Here we had the KII meters lighting up to the red on command and we also heard a cough in the corridor when no one was there. Further activity from the teddy was also seen.

All too soon though, it was time to end the evening so we bid a fond farewell to our wonderful guests with promises to see them again soon on another event.


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