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Common Questions Asked Regarding Cancelled Events and Covid-19 

Here are a few common questions our guests are asking as regards to their events being cancelled due to Covid-19.

Plus other questions that have been asked regarding this situation.

Q - When will I receive my cancellation email ?

A - We are working in date order..March being the first emails to go out..

The end of April being the last..

We are sending out cancellation emails out first then assisting our guests as and when replied come in..Please bare with us.

Q - How long will it take to get a reply

A - We will aim to reply to your response within 4 working days..Although due to the huge task at hand this may take slightly longer.

Q - Can I get a refund ?

A - We are offering credit notes and transfers as per emails unless you request otherwise

If we do not receive a reply from you an automatic credit note will be issued.

Q - Can I transfer to a date later in the year ?

A - Yes of course. Just let us know which date you would like to move to.

Q - When will events start up again?

A - As a brand we will always put our guests first so we will always take advice from our Government and health officials.

So as soon as they say it's safe or risk is less volatile.. Events will start up again.

Q - Can I still book events for later in the year ?

A - Yes..obviously we will access our position month by month..

Q - Can I purchase gift vouchers ?

A - Yes..definitely..Gift vouchers are the best item to buy as they are valid usually for a year..

Although due to the situation we are in..The Vouchers will be extended to a 2 year validity.

Q - Do I need to worry if events start up again about catching Covid-19

A - No..

We will only start up events if catching the virus risk is low..We will also still have hand sanitizer gel on hand even when we return.

Q - Are the team and events team ok ?

A - Yes we are all fine and taking the necessary precautions.

Q - Will Most Haunted Experience definitely be back after this pandemic ?

A - Absolutely .Definitely..YES..We can't wait to return to events.

Q - Will there be any live feeds to keep us going in isolation ?

A - Yes..Most Haunted are putting some extras on their YouTube channel and there hopefully will also be some live feeds on Facebook.

Q - Will extra dates be added later in the year to make up for April..etc.?

A - Yes we will be adding more dates including some midweek dates..

Any further questions please email our designated Covid-19 email address


Many thanks

Kindest regards Jenny Bryant Most Haunted Experience


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