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Covid Secure Strategies


Hope you are well..

There are alot if changes that have been made to events with Most Haunted Experience..

Please see below basic information regarding events.

We are following our locations restriction rules and only using locations that are Covid secure and have provided me with risk assessments and their Covid Secure Strategy

These can be from keeping a social distance to one way systems for entry / exit and toilets.

We are as an events company restricting guest interaction and separating teams into very small groups throughout the whole night from start to finish.

As you enter you will be able to collect your personal refreshment bag which will have all you need to get a hot drink etc.

Equipment will be on a station within each team area and used with a sign out and in system and santised after each use.

Ouija boards and small tables will only be available to be used by people from thw same bubble or household.

To avoid cross contamination we will be sanitising surfaces and areas that could be touched. This will happen through out the night. Chairs etc you touch must be used throughout the night.

PPE will be available for you to use if you wish to use.

We also have a designated Covid Adviser on hand at all times for advice and information.

Please always take direction from our team at all times. Anyone not following our measures will unfortunately be asked to leave the event. Our measures are for yours and our staffs safety.

Pro photos will be available using the 1 metre distancing rule and 1 person/same household at a time with our celebs who will also be social distancing unless they are from the same household . Pro photos taken will be put on our social media pages to download after the event.

Working together we can make this work.

It is everyone's responsibility to enjoy the event in a safe environment.

Please do not put our team..celebs or other guests in a situation where they will need to ask you to stay back.

Many thanks and see you soon

A detailed risk assessment is available upon request

Kindest regards Jenny Bryant Most Haunted Experience


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