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Special Extra Terms And Conditions Due To Covid-19 To Help You

Hi all..

Due to Covid-19 we have added special extra terms and conditions to help you..


Was valid for 12 months before Covid-19.

Now valid for 24 months..

Once this is all over gift voucher purchases will revert back to our usual terms and conditions.

We can also re validate used gift vouchers that have been used on cancelled events due to Covid-19 so you can reuse them.


Usually balances are due 4 weeks before your event date.

We are now accepting balance payments up to a week before your event date..Your places will still be safe.

The terms and conditions above are subject to change once this national emergency is over.

When booking a Most Haunted Experience you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

Please read full terms and conditions list on our terms and conditions website page

Many thanks


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