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There is a light at the end of the tunnel

For once its nice to see happy posts and comments from people on social media tonight.

Some well earned good news today for everyone.

We still have to stick to the measures in place and it's all dependent on that everything goes to plan..but its a light in a long hard dark year for all..

Not long now guys..

Huge hugs..hang in there..

For Most Haunted Experience it is looking like it may be mid May for events starting back some degree whether it be limited numbers etc although this is still uncertain.

It's all dependant on Government date and information on the pandemic as we ease out of lockdown...but its looking good so let's stay positive and keep our fingers crossed..


Please look out for emails with postponed dates on..please reply confirming asap to the email sent from..

Starting with the rest of March then onto April etc..

Please do not inundate our admin with emails as it will slow down the system we are working to...

We will get to you so please don't worry..

At least we have a date we can work towards as regards to events. Let's hope everything goes to plan..

Thank you once again for your continued love and support..



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