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Ghost hunt at The Annison Funeral Parlour

Non celeb Event


Date - 16th Feb 2024

Time - 9pm til 1am

Price - £35pp

Max 30 guests


Deposit option not available..



Dare you join us at this amazing location.

Stories of doors closing on their own aswell as voices heard when no one else is around. Who haunts here ?

As seen on Tvs Most Haunted.


Annison Funeral Parlour Hull 16th Feb 2024

  • For more than 100 years this building on Witham housed a funeral parlour. After it closed in the 1990s a pharmacists opened on the ground floor, but staff are afraid to go upstairs after hearing voices and strange noises! The building is now used for haunting events. It houses some very large open stables, large storage rooms, an entertainment area and courtyard.

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