Old Nick Theatre Ghost Hunt with Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell

Date - 11th Sept  2021
Times - 9pm til 1am
Price - £79pp
Location size - Cat B

Dare you join us as we search for the afterlife..Dark shadows seen fleeting through the rooms to loud voices and footsteps heard when no one is around...

As seen on Tvs Most Haunted..From a haunted theatre to dark foreboding rooms. 

Old Nick Theatre Gainsborough 11th Sept 2021

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As you may imagine from its name, The Old Nick was the original police station in Gainsborough. It is an Italianate-style Grade II building at the junction of Spring Gardens and Cross Street - just past the vehicular access to Marshall's Yard. Back in 1859 land on this site was sold to build a Magistrates' Court and Police Station. 


These buildings served their purpose until 1972 when the new police station on Morton Terrace was built followed by the new Magistrates' Court on Church Street in 1978. Mr Douglas Parkinson purchased both of the old buildings in 1978 for £3,250 and in 1980 (the important date for the group) he told the members they could use the premises for rehearsals at a peppercorn rent. 


When Mr Parkinson died in 1992 he bequeathed the property to the Gainsborough Theatre Group and then the physical hard work began for them all. Piles of rubbish had to be cleared from many of the inside rooms, the outside stores and around the building itself in order to make it all presentable. This took a lot of time, hard work, sweat and tears for the dedicated members of the group.



The Old Nick Theatre in Gainsborough is a facinating and at times frightening place for an overnight ghost hunt. With more than 25 documented deaths on this site between 1860 and 1948 and the multitude of rooms, corridors and cells to investigate, this is a foreboding and sinister place. Ghost hunts at the Old Nick Theatre have seen some shocking poltergeist activity and people have fled in fear rather than spend time alone in any of the cells. Join us for what was once the arena of justice for Gainsborough and the surrounding area for a unique ghost hunt that will excite and terrify even the most experienced paranormal investigator.

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