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Old Oak House Ghost Hunt

Non celeb event



Date - 29th Sept 2023

Time - 9pm til 1am

Price - £45pp

Deposit option available


As seen on Tvs Most Haunted. From footsteps heard to dark shadows seen

Dare you enter ?

Old Oak House West Brom 29th Sept 2023

  • Oak House in West Bromwich is a delightful half-timbered yeoman farmer's house built about 1620 with brick additions at the rear built in the 1650s as the family wealth and status grew.

    The Turton family who are associated with the house at this time were yeoman (posh farmers) and nail makers; later expanding to be money lender, making loans to impoverished royalist gentry after the English Civil War.

    This connected the family to gentry families and meant that John Turton was making far more money than ever before and even managed to find his daughter a husband amongst the gentry, propelling the family up the social scale.

    You can find out more about the Turtons in the Old Barn with our talking barrels! We don't know how Oak House got its name - it certainly isn't due to the oak trees which grew around it as we know the timbers to build the Oak House came from at least 20 miles away. By the 1600s there were virtually no trees at all on Bromwich Heath and the area was probably pretty bleak. 

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