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Shaw House Newbury Ghost Hunt

Non celeb event

Event Type = B..( See "Choosing the right event for me page" )


Date - 29th Sept 2023

Time - 9pm til 1am

Price - £43pp

No deposit option due to low price


 From voices echoing around this huge location when no one else is around to the icy touch from unseen hands..

Staff report seeing a shadowy figure moving along the dark panelled corridors...Who is this ?

We have one night to find out..

Dare you enter Shaw House in Newbury ?

Shaw House Berkshire 29th Sept 2023

Out of Stock
  • The History of Shaw House Shaw House was built in 1581 by Thomas Dolman, whose family had made their money in the cloth trade. This fine, Grade 1 listed Elizabethan building was home to successive Dolman families, the flamboyant Duke of Chandos and the Andrews, Eyre and Farquhar families. In 1943 Shaw House began a new life as a school for generations of local children. However, in 1985 Shaw House was evacuated due to concerns about the structure of the building. In 2005 a £6 million restoration was undertaken following grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, local company Vodafone and English Heritage. The house opened to the public for the first time in 2008.