Ghost hunting event at Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Dorchester
With Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell

Date - 4th Feb 2021
Times - 9pm til 1am
Price - £79pp
Location size - Cat B


This location is not to be missed..
A fantastic and historic gem of a location..

From dark shadows seen to strange noises and voices heard..

What will you encounter ?

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum brings over 200 years of justice and injustice to life.

Walk in the footsteps of people whose lives were forever changed in the historic court at Dorchester’s Shire Hall. Immerse yourself in the cells before ascending to the dock. Experience it for yourself.

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Dorchester 4th Feb 2022


Shire Hall is an 18th-century courthouse in Dorchester, Dorset. The building was the centre of law, order and government, and served as the county hall for Dorset until 1955. It has been Grade-I listed since 1950. In 2018, the hall opened as the Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum.


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