Slough Fort Rochester Ghost Hunt With fred Batt


Date - 3rd Oct 2020

Times - 9pm til 1am

Price - £49pp

Deposit option available

Max of 25 guests on this event


Dare you enter the unknown at this historic location..

From loud footsteps to voices heard when no one else is around..

To dark fleeting shadows..

Who haunts here ?

Lets find out together..

Slough Fort Rochester 3rd Oct 2020

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Taken from Slough Fort Website -

During the mid 19th century Britain and France found themselves in a 'Cold War'.

As a result of the French building a new fleet of modern steam and sail ironclads, armed with the new rifled guns, and their building of a new naval port at Cherbourg, the public faith in the Royal Navy to protect the country from a posssible invasion was low. Britain's fleet was still the same type of ships that had beaten the French at Trafalgar in 1805.

The British response was a 'crash' naval building programme to out build the French with ironclad warships armed with rifled guns, to improve naval bases and to start a massive national scheme to upgrade the coastal defences.

Slough Fort at Allhallows was built as part of this programme.

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