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St John's Museum Warwick Ghost Hunt
Non celeb event

Date - 21st Oct 2023
Times - 9pm til 1am
Price - £45pp
Deposit option available


This location is renowned for its hauntings..

From fleeting shadows seen to voices heard when no one is around..

Dare you enter ?


St John's Museum Warwick 21st Oct 2023

  • The present house was built between 1667 and 1670 but the site has been occupied since 1154.  Before becoming a museum in 1961 it has been a medieval hospital, family house, a series of private schools and a military record office.  

    The building is shared with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum and access is not permitted to their area of the building.  We have access to the ground floor, cellar, upstairs office and attic room above..

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