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Ghost hunt at The Coffin Works

Non celeb Event


Date - 13th April 2024

Time - 9pm til 1am

Price - £40pp

Max 30 guests


Deposit option not available..



Dare you join us at this amazing location.

We are entering virgin territory. Stories of doors closing on their own aswell as voices heard when no one else is around. Who haunts here ?

Lets find out...

The Coffin Works Birmingham 13th April 2024

  • The Coffin Works' story

    The Coffin Works opened as a museum in 2014 in the historic Newman Brothers’ Coffin Furniture Manufactory, originally built in 1894.

    Newman Brothers was established in 1882 by Alfred Newman and his brother Edwin. Originally brass founders, they predominantly made cabinet furniture until 1894, when the company moved to the present site on Fleet Street and began to specialise in the production of coffin furniture.