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zarin taslima
Jul 17, 2022
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As for the recipients who took photos with famous cars in the incident, did they participate in the sponsorship program? The email sent by World Vision to Mr. Luo mentioned that the parents of the child involved agreed to participate, and World Vision provided the school where the child was attending with teaching materials, books, stationery, sporting goods, etc., and also held different activities for the children to participate in. The recipients who took photos with the famous car took the initiative to approach Mr. Law today, saying that they had benefited from Vision in the past 10 years. He said that Vision (should be the Albania branch) mentioned that Mr. Luo donated 3,000 Hong Kong dollars for schools and activities in ten years. Mr. Luo was very surprised. He company banner design should have donated 30,000 Hong Kong dollars in the past 10 years. He did not understand why the recipient received the message of 3,000 Hong Kong dollars. Charitable activities should never be clear about the accounts, and Mr. Law was once again thrown into chaos. In addition to making a video to explain, has World Vision considered holding a press conference to clarify relevant data and materials? (Editor's note: World Vision Hong Kong issued a statement in response to the "Case of Sponsored Children in Albania") Related articles in the series: World Vision's sponsorship doubts: Donors are curious to check the "recipient" IG, smoke and drink and show off famous cars Is child sponsorship a scam? From an investigative report in The New York Times Charities in Hong Kong: MSF public donations fell by 17%, the Society for the Protection of Children did not upload the latest annual report What exactly does Vision's "community building" do? (The title was proposed by the editor, the original title: "Teardown with you: What exactly is Vision's "community building" doing?". Some Cantonese terms in the original text have also been revised into written language.) The article is reproduced with the authorization of the author, see the original text on the author's Facebook Responsible editor: Alvin Review editor: Alex [Join Key Comments Network Member] Every day, wonderful and good articles will be delivered directly to your mailbox, and you will enjoy exclusive weekly editorial selections, current affairs selections, art and literature weekly and other special electronic newspapers. You can also leave a message to discuss the content of the article with authors, reporters, and editors. Click to join for free now!
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