Tech On MHE Events

Most Haunted Experience are now even more techy than before.....With even more equipment

From CCTV..Tech rooms and a tech hub..


Of course we have the usual Thermal Imaging Cameras..K2s..Night vision cameras..Parabolic Listening Devices..Voice recorders..Trifield Meters and more..

Plus Ouija..Table Tipping etc..



But now we will set up a tech room with an array of ghost hunting equipment..CCTV around the location and a hub room to monitor and record any paranormal activity that may happen..


You could be the one to capture an apparition..Or be told there's a dark shadowy figure stood behind you as you ghost hunt with Most Haunted..


This is total hands on ghost hunting with the stars..

Watch the CCTV monitors and radio through to the guests and MH if you see anything unexplained..


Experiment in the tech room with the varoius equipment to hand..As its explained to you try and capture something paranormal..


Covering all areas of searching for the afterlife..


You will get the chance to learn and experience the tech equipment behind ghost investigations..

With the experts that have used them..

This is not available on all events..Please contact the team to find out if the hub room will be on your event..


Why not join Most Haunted Experience and the celebs from Most haunted as they delve even deeper into the unknown..With YOU.....



Welcome to the Official Most Haunted Experience..The place where you the public join The Most Haunted Crew from the hit Tv series Most Haunted and investigate along side them...Ghost hunting in the dead of the night..Get involved for the adventure of a lifetime..With Karl Beattie..Yvette Fielding.. Stuart Torevell and the rest of the crew...EXCLUSIVE..Only to Most Haunted Experience Events..





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