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Bobby Mackey's Ghost Hunt 7th May 2020

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Ghost hunting at Bobby Mackey's in Wilder Kentucky USA

Non Celeb Event

Date - 7th May 2020

Times - 9pm til 1.30am

Price - $90 total ticket price per person.

Deposit option available of $30pp

Balance due 4 weeks before the event date

Only 24 places Max on this event

Dare you enter this infamous location with Most Haunted Experience..

What's Included -

Exclusive Overnight Access To The Location

Unlimited Refreshments Including Hot Drinks / Bottled Water And Snacks


Ghost Hunting Equipment..Including K2s..Voice Recorders..Emf Detectors,,Trigger Objects

Table Tipping

Human Pendulum

Ouija Board ( location permitting )

And Much More

What To Expect -

You are the ghost hunter for the night..With expert team assistance you will delve into the unknown and investigate this fantastic location..

We run structured vigils with time for you to test your nerve with lone vigils

Can you handle it ?

Paranormal Stories / Folklore -

Promoted in popular culture as "the most haunted night club in America", Mackey claims the site was originally used as a slaugterhouse in the early 19th century and later torn down for construction of a roudhouse that took on various names, such as The Brisbane, until he purchased it in 1978. Various urban legends and modern folklore claim that the site features a "gateway to hell" and is haunted by spirits including Pearl Bryan, whose corpse was found in a field 2.5 miles from the site in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Other legends claim Bryan's murderers were Satanists who cursed the location and vowed to haunt everyone involved in prosecuting the case..There is also a legend that claims a pregnant dancer named "Johanna" committed suicide with poison in the 1950s after her father murdered her lover Robert Randall, a singer at the club, by hanging him in the dressing room.

Investigations have failed to find public records of any such events, and research into property records, newspapers, and court files has failed to substantiate claims made regarding the history of the location. No connection between Bobby Mackey's and the Pearl Bryan murder has ever been established.

Haunting rumors and claims about Pearl Bryan are promoted in

books such as "Hell's Gate" by Doug Hensley. Author Andrew Young speculates that such legends about Bryan are "a way to cope with the gruesome details of her death". According to the Campbell County

Historical and Genealogical Society, the story of the murder of Pearl Bryan is continually exploited, and it is "highly unlikely" that her

ghost haunts Bobby Mackey's Music World.

But lets find out the truth together.

Address -

44 Licking Pike, Wilder, KY 41071, USA

Car parking on site..

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