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The Team And Most Haunted Crew

Most Haunted
Karl Beattie
Yvette Fielding
Stuart Torevell

Glen Hunt
Gregg Smith

Jenny Bryant - MHE Manager / Admin / Locations / First Aider / Event Manager /
Location Manager For Antix Productions Most Haunted / IT
Nigel Denton - MHE Team
Pauline Davies Andrews - MHE Team
Gavin Clarke - MHE Team

Sue Thompson - MHE Team / Office Admin / Crafter

Wendi Postma - MHE Team

Reece Bryant - MHE Team

Laura Arthern - MHE Team

Rachael Macdonald - MHE Team

Matt Hallam - MHE Team

Sharon and Piers - MHE Team

Tina and Chloe Flight - MHE Team

Alison Woolley - MHE Team

Carrie Stokes - MHE Team

Kerry and Mark Tomlinson - MHE Team

Rob and Nicky - MHE Team

Kym and Helen - MHE Team

Chris Ashcroft - MHE Team

John Andrews - MHE Team

Nikki Walker - MHE Team

Dawn Howard - MHE Team

Julie Splaine - MHE Team

Sj Russell - MHE Team

Kurtis Thomas - MHE Team

Danielle Chaplin - MHE Team

Mandy Owen - MHE Team

Karen Purdon Long - MHE Team

Beck Croft - MHE Team

Garreth Berry - MHE Team

Danny Gwynne - MHE Team

Donna Ballance - MHE Team

Pauline Mcgorrin - MHE Team

Cherelle Lawler - MHE Team

Brent Crouch - MHE Team

Nic and Deb Lingley Heath - MHE Team


kaysha Holohan - MHE Team


Lin and Baz - MHE Team

Sarah Adams - MHE Team

Rob Godsell - MHE Team



Join the team as we investigate haunted locations across the Uk..


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Welcome to the Official Most Haunted Experience..The place where you the public join The Most Haunted Crew from the hit Tv series Most Haunted and investigate along side them...Ghost hunting in the dead of the night..Get involved for the adventure of a lifetime..With Karl Beattie..Yvette Fielding.. Stuart Torevell and the rest of the crew...EXCLUSIVE..Only to Most Haunted Experience Events..





Manger -


Admin -


Hospitality/Merchandise -


Info -


Events -


PR -

Tel: 07772804044

Telephone payments available

on the above number

Between 10am to 6pm..


Book now via the 24 hr secure server on the online website

Using Paypal or credit/debit card

Office Hours

Mon - Fri - 10am to 6pm

Sat - 10am to 4pm

Sunday/Holidays - Closed

24/7 Online Website


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