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Your Nights With MHE..

Thousands of happy guests have passed through our various locations across the country..

Here's just a few of our many photos taken on our events of what to expect with MHE..

Please always check the up to date info regarding Covid Measures



Selfies..lots of laughs and scares..

Purchase Official Most Haunted merchandise..Have the stars sign them for you..

After your welcome intro. The Most haunted celebs enter and greet all our guests..

Meet Yvette Fielding on selected advertised events..

A professional but fun events company..Tailored just for you


Welcome to the Official Most Haunted Experience..The place where you the public join The Most Haunted Crew from the hit Tv series Most Haunted and investigate along side them...Ghost hunting in the dead of the night..Get involved for the adventure of a lifetime..With Karl Beattie..Yvette Fielding.. Stuart Torevell and the rest of the crew...EXCLUSIVE..Only to Most Haunted Experience Events..




Manger -


Admin -


Hospitality/Merchandise -


Info -


Events -


PR -

Tel: 03450537744

Telephone payments available

on the above number

Between 10am to 6pm..


Book now via the 24 hr secure server on the online website

Using Paypal or credit/debit card


Chats and autographs with the celebs


Ask questions..Discuss episodes..

Meet your idols..

Photo opportunities..


Pro photos taken of your night..As groups or single photos with the stars..

Printed out with our Pro Photo Printing Booth on the night ( On selected events )

Group photo of your night..


Ghost hunting with the stars in the dead of the night using different techniques to search for the afterlife...Such as ouija boards..table tipping..ghost hunting equipment and more in a safe enviroment..

We also run Non Celeb events which are just as much fun but without the glitz and glamour..
These events do not have the Most Haunted celebs in attendance..
Please read the event description to see which celebs are attending or if it is a non celeb event..

All with a professional and friendly team taking care of you from start to finish..

Dare you join us ?

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