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Ghost hunting at Mains Castle in Dundee


Date - 15th June 2019

Times - 9pm til 2am

Price - £49pp


Dare you join the Most Haunted Experience team as we go in search of the after life at the haunted Mains Castle..Plus investigate an eerie graveyard...If you are brave enough..

From dark shadows seen to children heard playing when no one is around...

Loud foorsteps are often heard followng you around the castle..When you look over your one is there...

Who haunts this fantastic historic location ?

Lets find out together...

Mains Castle Dundee 15th June 2019

  • Mains Castle (also known as Claverhouse Castle or Fintry Castle) is a 16th-century castle located within Caird Park in Dundee, Scotland. The castle consists of several buildings surrounding a courtyard, although several of the original western buildings no longer exist. The northern and eastern buildings are where the family would have lived, with the servants occupying the southern quarters. The castle also has a large, six-floor, square tower house with dressed cornerstones, which is typical of 16th-century construction.

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