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On a Most Haunted Experience event we use various pieces of equipment to help us in our quest to communicate with spirits. I thought it might be useful to tell you what some if them are and how they work.

1. Ouija board - this is a piece of board with letters and numbers and other signs around its edge which is used with a planchette or upturned glass to answer questions during a seance.

2. K2 meter or EMF meter - this small black box detects and shows electromagnetic energy by way of coloured lights. It is thought that spirits produce electromagnetic energy.

3. Dousing rods - usually 2 L shaped rods that are held loosely and asked to move in answer to questions.  Can also be used to detect and locate things such as water, metals etc.

4. Temperature gun - does what it says. Can be useful for detecting hot and cold spots.

5. Cat balls - originally sold as a cat toy these are motion sensored balls that light up when moved or touched.

6. REM pods - this is a small box with an antenna that emits an electromagnetic field and when this field is broken (ie entered into) it will make a noise and/or light up.

Some teams also carry teddy bears which are basically either K2s, REM pods or Cat Balls within a teddy.

While all of these pieces of equipment can be useful,  the best thing we can use is our senses. You may experience a strange smell, a funny taste, hear something such as a voice or a whistle, be lucky enough to see something like a shadow or lights or feel something touch you. Often images or names can pop into our heads for no apparent reason and this should also be noted.

Keeping an open mind is always very important and make sure you debunk as much as possible.  Remember though,  if you can't debunk it, it might just be paranormal!


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