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Bishton Hall 8th June

What a truly fantastic place Bishton Hall, if you get a chance you really should book an event at this fantastic venue. This is the second time we’ve been here and just phenomenal activity both nights. 

We had some amazing activity using our rempod which is a device that puts out electro magnetic field. Our device is set for about a foot diameter. Last night it went out went off so many times especially up in one of the rooms at the top of this amazing house we cannot explain why it kept going off. We did ask the spirit to move away but sadly it didn’t want to do this and if anything, it seem to get closer to it when we asked it to move away.

We also had some amazing conversations using the mag light where the spirit is able to turn the light on and off answering questions apparently we were talking to 2 sisters he worked at the Location, they were not happy to be there and they didn’t enjoy their job. But the best part of the night was down in the tuck shop at about 330 in the morning we had the mag light set up lots of little cat balls and ;Gary teddy bear. I called out asking what was sold in this tack shop was it sweets and we started reminiscing about all the different sweets we all enjoyed when we were younger as we were doing this. All the different devices were going off around us no pattern just going off randomly to me. It felt like they were having their own conversation talking about the sweet they enjoyed the same way we were this must’ve gone on for at least 40 minutes to an hour and it was just fantastic truly amazing night, lots of entertainment, lots of laughs, lots of activity and some fantastic guests. Thanks to everyone involved as always 


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