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Covid-19 Extra Terms and Conditions

The listed terms and conditions ride alongside the regular terms and conditions on the Most Haunted Experience website and relate to event nights..

These terms will come into force if and when the Government allow events such as ghost hunts to start up again.

No events will restart unless the Government allow.

On event night -

If you have or seem to have Covid-19 symptoms you will not be allowed entry..In this case you will be transferred to a similar event later in the year or given a credit note..


• High Temperature / fever

• Constant new cough

• Sore throat

If you have any of the above symptoms before event night please email

On arrival hand sanitizer will need to be used upon entry..and available to be used throughout the night.

You will no longer be given a team lanyard on arrival.

Disposable coloured stickers will be used instead of team lanyards.

Autograph cards will not be available until further notice to minimize contact.

Unfortunately hugs..shaking hands etc will need to be avoided throughout the event and on arrival.

A 2 meter distance between people needs to be adhered to throughout the event

On arrival and during breaks we will split people/groups up into various rooms to allow social distancing.

On event vigils we will also be adhering to the Government guidelines on social distancing..making groups and teams smaller..

All equipment used for example K2s..tables..Ouija Boards will be sanitized before and after use.

Pro photos will no longer be available until further notice.

Human Pendulum..Holding hand seances will no longer be allowed until further notice..

Max of 2 people on a table at a time unless a large table is available to use.

2 people max on a Ouija Board

Further measures may be added to allow for Most Haunted Experience to follow Government Guidelines as and where changes happen and will only be relaxed if the guidelines state it is safe to do so..

Most Haunted Experience take your safety extremely seriously.

And will only restart events if and when the Government allow.

Team leaders and management word is final as per usual terms and conditions..

Together and with your support we can make this work and we thank you for your continued support and love.


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