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Covid Q And A

Here is an updated Q and A regarding Covid-19 and your event.

Q - What happens if my event is postponed or cancelled ?

A - You will be notified by email and offered a new date or a credit note.

If your event is cancelled you will be offered the above plus a refund

Q - Will you reply to my email straight away ?

A - Due to an unprecedented amount of emails we are taking longer to reply to each of you so please be bear with us.

Q - Are your events safe to attend ?

A - We run Covid Secure Events putting in all measures as advised by the Government and local councils. Remember we will always put safety first and if we feel a location is for example to small to adhere to social distancing then that location will be cancelled or postponed.

Q - What email address do I use to contact you regarding Covid-19 issues ?

A - Please email stating the event you are booked on and the lead booking name.

Q - What if I don't hear from you before my event ?

A - If you have not had an email from us then please assume your event is going ahead. We will always send out the usual email 5 days before with all the event info on..including address etc.

Please look out for this. Again. Any problems though please get in touch.

Q - Can I still attend with my friends ?

A - You can always check Government guidelines on the Gov website.

Q - Do I need to wear a mask on a MHE event ?

A - Yes by law you have to wear a mask unless you have a medically exempt card.

Hope this helped answer some questions

Kindest regards Jenny Bryant Most Haunted Experience


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