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Fantastic Guests

What a great bunch of guests we had last night at Gloucester prison if it wasn’t for you guys these event would be quite dull, as we always say we have lots of tools and gadgets that we can use to encourage the spirits to come forward like the K2 are flashing teddy bears and a cat ball. But it’s you guys calling out and encouraging the spirit to communicate that works the best. Last night we saw lots of shadow figures in different areas of the prison. There was a little child we believe in the hospital wing almost playing peekaboo. At the end of a wing we saw a shadow of somebody crouching down walking through from the corridor to the doorway of the stairs, add again there was a possible figure of somebody poking their head out a few times on the second level of b wing.

We had some great flashing of balls, teddies and K2 is going off down in the kitchen. Also in bee wing spirit seem like one of our gentlemen guest to be in the showers with him lol. We did have a little bit of communication through table tipping glass and ball activity and the Ouija board but to be honest all of these felt quite weak, and needed more time to really get them going.

There was lots of laughter between all the guests which always helps to build the atmosphere giving the energy to help the spirits come forward if it wasn’t for you guys as I said it would end up being a very dull night so thank you for being Amazing and hopefully we will see you again soon.


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