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New Terms and Conditions


Due to the new Government announcement yesterday..22nd Sept 2020.

We have had confirmation in writing that we can still operate as an events company. We can operate after 10pm.

We use Covid Secure locations..we are not a pub or a restaurant...

Details below

1..We do not need to close between 10pm and 5am as we arnt part of the pub/restaurant sector and are using Covid Secure locations. This information has been given to me by local councils.

2..We can do refreshments as long as it is not alcohol or hot meals..which we don't do anyway.

3..Some locations may need to close..We will update you on this if it effects you.

4..Please do not book tickets if you are from seperate households. You have to be from the same household to attend under one booking. We can no longer accept bookings from seperate households.

5..We need to be so strict as regards to mask wearing..if you are medically exempt then you need a medically exempt card.

I would advise against the face sheilds as they are not as effective.

6..Social distancing is paramount..At least 2 metres distancing..This is by law.

7..Health and Safety video will now be viewed on our website..You must watch this video before your event.


9..You must sign in and out using the Track and Trace system..Please look out for the QR Codes.. this is to be done individually by law.

We will of course assess the events as we go..

Many thanks for your love and support.

Together we can make this work..



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