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What if I get scared .....

Fear is a natural human reaction... your fight or flight response is in built to protect you in life. On an event its dark & your imagination can run wild.

Paranormal activity can range from subtle things like temperature changes or knocking to apparitions, slamming doors or even throwing things.

So its always best to be prepared for the unexpected.

My biggest piece of advice is do not let your fear response turn to panic! Focus on grounding your senses and use your equipment especially your torch to debunk what your brain is telling you to run from. Journal what you are experience to make sense of it and control your fear.

If you feel the fear is growing, stay calm and remove yourself from the investigation until it passes. The last thing we want is the fear and panic to spread to the rest of the team this may ruin the investigation.

Don't be afraid to say if you feel uneasy or want to remove yourself from a place for a reason you cant explain! We have all felt those hairs rise on the back of your neck and your stomach feeling like its falling out.....

You never have to be alone on an investigation (unless you want to be) you will never be judged for saying that's enough now thank you spirit! The base room is always a safe haven with a warm drink and a friendly most haunted ear to listen.

We have all heard the words.. ghosts cant hurt us, there is nothing to be afraid of.. but no one knows how they will be affected by the energy or atmosphere of a location... so be prepared for anything... Nos Da x


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